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AN03 - ATON KIT (01/17/09) – Adobe  - Make this 14-page kit available to the OPFACs in your Division or Flotilla.  It is a great reference tool of the IALA-B Aid to Navigation System and provides a series of drawings that illustrate the typical discrepancies found on Aids to Navigation.  Use this great reference tool while underway. Also, it can be used to get new members interested in the Aid to Navigation Program. The ATON Kit is available for download from the ATON Web Page of the First Northern Aid to Navigation Web Site.

AN11 - PRE-UNDERWAY CHECKLIST FOR ATON/CU PATROLS – EXCEL – Use this checklist to prepare your OPFAC before getting underway on an Aid to Navigation / Chart Updating Patrol.  This tool will remind you of the various pieces of equipment and set ups that are required to complete an effective and productive event.  This checklist is available on page 29 of the “AN02 – Federal Short Range Aid to Navigation Study Guide” and is available for download from the ATON Web Page on the First Northern Aid to Navigation Web Site.

 Latitude-Longitude Minutes To Seconds Conversion Sheet (10/31/07) – WORD – 1 page. This handout allows for the easy conversion of decimal minutes to seconds so that the reporter can easily provide the correct LAT/LON expression on their reports.

Vertical and Horizontal Error Calculator – EXCEL – 1 sheet. This is an unique computer tool for making special calculations that help support your recommendations and improve NOAA’s confidence level in your reports.  The following calculations can be performed with this unique tool.

Nautical Calculators - The Nautical Calculators can be used to solve many of the equations and conversions typically associated with marine navigation. Use the Options Menu above to select a category of Nautical Calculator. Each calculator page is a self-contained JavaScript program that can be downloaded and used off-line. After displaying an individual calculator page, use the "Save As..." command in your browser window to download the page to your computer.


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