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Division 1 - Northern Maine

D01-SWH01C-Penobscot Central Run

D01-SWH01N-Penobscott North Run

D01-SWH01S-Penobscott South Run

D01-SWH03-Eggemoggin Reach Run

D01-SWH04-Jerico Bay Run

D01-SWH05-Blue Hill Bay Run

D01-SWH06-Frenchman Bay Run

D01-SWH07-Eastern Bay Run

D01-SWH08-Jonesport Run

D01-SWH10-Eastport Run



Division 1 - Southern Maine

D02-BH1-Boothbay Harbor North Run

D02-BH2-Upper Kenebec River Run

D02-BH3-Sheepscott River Run

D02-BH4-Muscongus Bay Run

D02-CB1-Casco Bay Run 1

D02-CB2-Casco Bay Run 2

D02-PH1-Portsmouth Run

D02-SB-Saco River Run


Division 3 - Merrimack River

D03-NBP-1B-Newburyport Hbr

D03-NBP-1C-Haverhill RUN

D03-NBP-2-Essex River Run

D03-NBP-3-Parker River Run


Division 4 - North Shore

D04 -NS-4A-Beverly Harbor Run

D04-NS-1-Saugus - Nahant Run Sheets

D04-NS-2-Marblehead Harbor Run

D04-NS-3A-Salem Harbor Run

D04-NS-3B-Palmer Cove YC RUN

D04-NS-3C-Dion Yacht Yard RUN

D04-NS-4B-Danvers River Run

D04-NS-5-Gloucester-Annisquam Run


Division 5 - Boston Harbor

D05-3-BOS-1B Winthrop Run

D05-4-BOS-2 Dorchester Run

D05-BOS-1A-Boston Inner Harbor Run



Division 6 - Buzzards Bay

D06-DELTA A-Onset Run Sheets

D06-DELTA-B-Wareham Run

D06 -DELTA-C - Buttermilk Bay Run

D06-ECHO-Marion Run

D06-FOX-A-Fairhaven Run

D06-FOX-B-New Bedford Run

D07-FOXTROT-A-Westport River East Run

D07-FOXTROT-B-Westport River West Run

Division 7 - Narragansett Bay


D07-BI-O-Block Island Run

D07-C1-Northern Narragansett Bay Run

D07-C2-Bristol Area Run

D07-C3-Newport Run

D07-C4-Barrington River Run

D07-C5-Coasters Harbor Run

D07-C6-Newport HMRAP Run

D07-E1-MT Hope Bay Run

D07-E2-Sakonnet River Run

D07-PJ-O-Point Judith Run

D07-W1-Greenwich Bay Run

D07-W2-Wickford Run

D07-W3-Central Narragansett Run


Division 11 - Cape Cod and the Islands

D11-AE-1-Harwich Run

D11-AE-2-Stage Harbor

D11-AE-3-Southway Run

D11-AN-1-Provincetown Run Sheets

D11-AN-2-Pleasant Bay Run

D11-AN-3-Little Pleasant Bay

D11-AN-4-Town Cove Run

D11-AN-5-Ryder Cove Run

D11-AW-1-Parkers River-Hyannis Run Sheets

D11-AW-2-Lower Bass River Run

D11-AW-3-Upper Bass River Run

D11-BE-1-Popponessett - Satuit River Run

D11-BE-2-Cotuit Bay-Sepuit River HMRAP RUN

D11-BE-3 - West and North Bay-Marsten Mill River HMRAP RUN

D11-BE-4-East Bay-Centerville-Hyannis HMRAP RUN

D11-CAPE-POC - Off Shore Aids Run

D11-CS-A-Falmouth RUN

D11-CS-B1-Waquoit-Eel Pond-Seapit Run RUN

D11-CS-B2-Little-Great Rivers RUN

D11-CS-C-West Falmouth-Megansett RUN

D11-CS-D-Bourne Run

D11-CS-E-Buttermilk Bay Run

D11-CW-1-Barnstable Harbor HMRAP RUN

D11-CW-2-Sesuit Harbor Run

D11-MV-A-Marthas Vineyard Run

D11-MV-B-Marthas Vineyard Run

D11-NTK-1-Nantucket Run Sheets

D11-NTK-2-Madeket Harbor Run Sheets


Division 12 - South Shore

D12-BOS-3-Weymouth-Braintree Run Sheets

D12-BOS-4-Hull-Hingham Run Sheets

D12-BOS-5-Scituate Harbor Run

D12-BOS-6B-South River Run Sheets

D12-BOS-6C-North River Run Sheets

D12-BOS-6D-Herrring River Run Sheets

D12-BOS-7A-Duxbury Run

D12-BOS-7B-Kingston Channel Run

D12-BOS-7C-Plymouth Harbor Run


Division 14 - Lake Champlain

D14-BURL-2M-Northern Run

D14-BURL-2-Southern RUN

D14-BURL-3- Northwest Run


District 014 - Burlington

D14-BURL-1N-Eastern North Run

D14-BURL-1S-Eastern South Run

D14-BURL-2M-Northern Run

D14-BURL-2-Southern RUN

D14-BURL-3- Northwest Run



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