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If you havenít performed and reported a minimum of any two of the Navigation System activities listed below during 2010, you will be placed in a REYR condition in 2011. Remember that your reports must be made on-line both to the Coast Guard and to AUXDATA. This restriction will be removed when you make up the two reports in 2011. Failure to complete these make up reports by July 15, 2011 will cause the loss of your access codes to the PATON Reporting System. You will have to re-register and make an additional two reports (a total of four) during 2011 to regain your currency as an AV in 2012. Non-activity for 5 years causes loss of your AV Qualification. The acceptable AV reports can be any two of the following NS activities:

ATON Verification Report Reported by AVs using the online Web-Based PATON Reporting System and with associated PATON activity being reported to AUXDATA as a Mission 31. Your PATON Verification Report can report a PATON as either watching properly or as a discrepancy.

Bridge Survey Report Reported by AVs using the on-line Bridge Reporting Database System with associated bridge activity being reported to AUXDATA as a Mission 32. Note that access to AUXDATA is now available on the Bridge System. Your Bridge Survey can report a bridge as either watching properly or as a discrepancy.

ATON (Federal Aid) Discrepancy Report prepared manually and forwarded to the local CG ANT via your local Auxiliary Liaison. Note that reports for ATONs (Federal Aids) observed as watching properly should never be reported to the Coast Guard, and no credit should be taken in AUXDATA for these checks. All ATONs reported as watching properly will be ignored for REYR, District Awards, and any Coast Guard awards. ATONS reported as watching properly only causes extra work for the Coast Guard. The only exception is when the Coast Guard specifically directs you to check a Federal Aid.

AVs who have been working directly in support of CG ANTs in 2010 who have no reported activity will not be placed in REYR. However, all AVs are always encouraged to record any PATON and Bridge Activity on the standard on-line reporting systems.


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