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Aids to Navigation Program


First District on-line PATON System
(Click on this link to access the PATON system. However, you will need an access code to use the system.)

The Navigation System (NS) Private Aid to Navigation program (PATON) encourages the scheduled verification of every Private Aid to Navigation by AV qualified Auxiliarists during time periods when these aids are established, and the submission of professionally-prepared accurate on-line verification reports to the Coast Guard.

Guidelines for the Private Aid - PATON Verification program.

The emphasis of the AV program is on prevention, accuracy, credibility, professionalism and service to the Coast Guard. As NS District Staff Officers, our focus is directed toward building the recognition of each Auxiliary AV-Aid Verifier as a highly competent observer and reporter in the eyes of the Coast Guard. District specific guidelines and a National AV/PQS for qualifying as an Aid Verifier have been established on the First Northern NS Web Site. These guidelines include the taking and reporting of fixes and depths, the pre-underway and on-scene evaluation of the electronic equipment being used, high quality on-scene observations, and professional on-line verification report preparation. Fixes are taken with GPS sets using WAAS; depths are corrected to the charted vertical datum; physical measurements, photographs, and the validation of observations to the Light List, the Coast Pilot and the applicable NOAA Nautical Chart are included in the prescribed PATON verification process.

NS-PN01 PATON PROGRAM HAND OUT  - View or download this document. Use this handout to promote the PATON - Private Aid to Navigation program with your members. Be sure that every new member receives a copy of this document.

NS-PN02 33CFR-CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS  - View and read this excerpt from the Code of Federal Regulations that is full of information about the various classes of Private Aids to Navigation and the rules governing private aids. Every AV – Aid Verifier needs to be very familiar with the information in this document.

NS-PN03 FIRST DISTRICT AID VERIFIER QUALIFICATION TRAINING PROGRAM - Go to go to the Aid Verifier AV web page where you will find the AV Qualification Check Off Guides for the District specific AV tasks and the Nationally-prescribed AV/PQS tasks.

NS-AN04 7054 AID TO NAVIGATION REPORT - EXCEL form. Keep copies in your NAV Kit for use when documenting non-permitted Private Aids to Navigation. First Northern AVs are specifically required to use the Web-based PATON System for reporting verifications and discrepancies for permitted PATONS.

NS-PN05 PRIVATE AID TO NAVIGATION TRAINING - This presentation that depicts the various discrepancies that are commonly observed on Private Aids to Navigation. Use it as an annual review in PATON Workshops and for Aid Verifier training.

NS-PN06 WEB-BASED PATON SYSTEM TRAINING GUIDE - This guide provides the latest screen-by-screen information on the operation of the Web-Based PATON System used in First Northern. It takes you through the initial registering process to the verification of the private aid and the report to the ANT Chief. This training tool deals with the on-line system that is accessed with your home personal computer. You will need an access code to use this system and you must be AV Qualified to perform verifications on private aids. AVCs are encouraged to work with a current and qualified AV.  These AVs will show you how to perform the on-line PATONs tasks.  However, be sure to not SUBMIT any reports.

NS-PN07 NON-PERMITTED PATON REPORT - Use this form to report multiple non-permitted private aids. Note that without the owner’s name and a means to contact the owner, the Coast Guard is at a loss to contact anyone to submit a permit application for the aid.

NS-PN08 US COAST GUARD AID TO NAVIGATION MANUAL – CHAPTER 5 – Non Coast Guard Maintained Aids - Read this information about private aids as excerpted from the Coast Guard Aid to Navigation Manual.

NS-PN10 ON SCENE OPERATION PRESENTATION  - This presentation which is a summary of the tasks that will help you prepare more accurate verification reports.  This presentation also provides graphics showing the proper maneuvering techniques for compensating for wind and current.

ONLINE 7030 ACTIVITY REPORT MISSION - INDIVIDUAL - Use this on-line form to fill out your mission hour form in order to receive Auxiliary recognition for your PATON work in AUXDATA. Use mission category 31 for PATONs and e-mail your report to your IS Staff Officer. The overall impact of the Auxiliary Private Aid to Navigation Program depends on this input to the AUXDATA System. Please take the time to make these important reports. Note that there are direct links to this 7030 report built into the 7054 AV Verification Report and the Bridge Database to save you time making these important reports to AUXDATA.

If the Private Aid to Navigation Program interests you, talk to your FSO-NS or SO-NS about becoming AV-Aid Verifier qualified. Upon qualification as an AV, each year you will be assigned specific PATONs to verify. After you have registered on the Web-Based Paton System, you will be assigned an access code for the system for reporting via the on-line PATON system.


Checking Private Aids to Navigation is usually a seasonal activity in First Northern. Generally, you need an OPFAC-Operational Facility to verify the floating aids. However, there are many PATONs that can be verified all year long and from the shore, such as, Swim Buoys and Regulatory aids.




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